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We are a small trekking agency started by a Patagonian native, Evelyn Salinas. Each of our trips has a unique custom itinernary designed with you to fit your individual needs. Our goal is show you beauty of Patagonia, while teaching the important value of the environment, creating a strong connection with you and this region. We practice sustainable tourism that provides local jobs, while maintaining the natural resources and culture. Evelyn grew up in Patagonia wants to preserve it for our future generations.

Evelyn was born and raised in Punta Arenas, Chile has been travelling for most of her life in Patagonia starting in her childhood in company of her father. Since 2000, she has been a trekking guide in Torres del Paine National Park and throughout the last decade has worked with many of the agencies in the region. Evelyn is an expert in flora and fauna as well as an avid mountaineer. Recently, she completed a "vuelta en hielo" (an expedition on the Southern Patagonia ice field).

Currently, she is enjoying life in Seattle, WA working with youth and training in horsemanship. Evelyn has a B.A. in the Administration of Tourism from the Magallanes University. In addition, she has certifications from NOLS, Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Leave no Trace.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

What our clients say...

Julia, Washington D.C. - 2010 — "I took a journey To Patagonia, Chile with Crux a few years ago and it was one of the most amazing trips of my life. I travel quite a bit and typically just do it on my own. It was such an enhancement to have a guide along with my group to really show us the more hidden aspects of the National Park. To have such knowledgable guides who were also fun to hang out with made the trip such a unique experience. Evelyn, in particular, is so passionate and proud of the natural beauty that was all around us and it really made the trip worth while.

Our trip was well organized, fun, and adventurous. It was challenging physically, but it's not necessarily something you had to train for. There were also other options for the people in our group that did not feel they could complete the trip. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and Pataonia is like no other place in the world and Crux is like no other tour guide company in the world. I would highly suggest you book your travel sooner rather than later."

John R., U.K. - 2008 — "I can't believe it is five years since I was in Patagonia on an expedition led by Evelyn, but it was such a super trip that it stays in my memory all the time. From the moment we were given a friendly welcome at Punta Arenas airport to the end of the trip everything was great.

The weather was mostly good (sometimes a bit mixed) but what a wonderful place Patagonia is to visit. It was a privilege to share Evelyn's local knowledge and love of the countryside and environment. Her walking leadership was extremely competent and she was so well organized throughout the trip (including some very tasty picnic lunches). The whole trip was spectacular from Punta Arenas and the Penguins, to Lago Grey (and Pisco Sour cooled with glacial ice!), Torres del Paine, Cuernos del Paine, Perito Moreno, Fitzroy, El Chalten — wow what a trip!"

Anna J., New Zealand - 2014 — "I had a fantastic holiday with Evelyn. It was lovely to have a female companion and she took great care of me – even down to bandaging my broken toe every day to make it more comfortable to walk. The whole trip was hassel free for me and I could just enjoy the scenery, the hiking and relax in this beautiful wilderness. Being guided by a Chilean girl, it was also lovely to hear Evelyns stories of life in another land and to be introduced to her customs like drinking mate, and to know what berries I could safely consume on the trek.

I was also extended in what I normally would have attempted and was encouraged to climb a small mountain and on another day I experienced crossing the zip line. All things I wouldn’t have done without a bit of encouragement.

It was all in all an amazing experience and I loved the opportunity to learn more about the life of my mountaineering son and see up close the incredible peaks the boys are attempting to climb. It was lovely to meet their friends and experience life in the mountaineering village of El Chalten.

I would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone considering a hiking adventure in Patagonia, You will come away enriched and keen to see more of our wonderful world."

Mike S., Seattle, Wa - 2014 — "Evelyn provided great service for a last minute tour request while I was in Torres del Paine. Her spunky attitude, flexibility, and area knowledge are fantastic.It was a real pleasure traveling in Patagonia with her and when I go back, I am booking with Crux."

Rita W., U.K - 2009 — "Everlyn who runs Crux is the best guide I've ever had on an adventure holiday and she takes you to amazing out of the way places that not many people can say they have seen."

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